I feel like from the goal that I wanted to set this semester, was kind of reached. Yes I was prepared at times, like for bringing my laptop in for class for group activities and bringing in extra copies of for instance my resume and draft papers or outlines. Even though the printer at school […]

1. Facebook as a technological innovation: breakthrough, resourceful, useful, popular, networking This social network seems to be the most creative site to mankind. It seems to keep the connection going for each individual out there that owns a profile. It keeps collaboration going with it’s simple design and useful ways of communicating between friends, family, […]

1. Can objects be evil? A review of “Addiction by Design” by, Laura Noren A review by Laura Noren based off a non-fiction article “Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas” written by Natasha Dow Schüll. http://socialmediacollective.org/2012/09/06/addiction-by-design-review/ Summary: In this article, it explains the catchy addiction to gambling. The addiction is not based primarily […]

An area I need building upon is probably being more organized/ prepared. The reason why I think I need to improve on this attribute is because I feel that I struggle to stay on the same page as other classmates. I think if I prepare myself to do the assignments before hand and not save […]