Resume Critique Reflection

What I’ve learned from the resúmé critique exercise was to format each of my sections differently and include other areas that will stand out more, even if I don’t have much work experience. Receiving feedback from my group, helped me rethink my resume and how it should present itself. For instance, someone listed having objective, then my education, and skills, more importantly at the top more. And then work and other areas formatted later on. Also, someone mentioned to have my name centered with larger font and my address too be aligned in the middle of the page. Another thing my group mentioned was to leave out the less important stuff, that has really nothing to do with you, kind of random, and elaborate in detail. I feel like I took their opinions into consideration and actually feel quite pleased to have revised it.

The group had also pointed out great points that I incorporated well.
And the way I revised it is that I added more skills in my quality section, made my name bigger, and cut down on a couple of things, add a more professional wording, and formatted it a little bit differently.
The one thing I am going to do before this semester ends is go to the counseling and career center to make an appointment, so they can take a peek at it. One step at a time I tell myself. I’ve also enjoyed critiquing other group members. They seemed to have a lot more job experience for the most part and also, they have loads of information on their resume. I feel like once I have more job experience, I will be able to build as well like them.

Format: Name, Address, Objective, Qualities, Education, Work Experience, and Volunteer. 


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