My Reflection on: Building a sense of Confidence

I feel like from the goal that I wanted to set this semester, was kind of reached. Yes I was prepared at times, like for bringing my laptop in for class for group activities and bringing in extra copies of for instance my resume and draft papers or outlines. Even though the printer at school didn’t print the way it wanted to, leaving the paper look unprofessional or to even read. It was cut off. So I learned that maybe I should print my paper out earlier, at home, since it prints out fine. That is what I am going to do for my final paper, so points won’t be deducted. So yeah, I am working at the planning ahead of thing, a little at a time. I felt like maybe I could improve on it a little, because it makes me feel less guilty for things when I get them in on time. And actually makes me feel proud to be able to formulate a structure of organization.

In addition, being on the same page as other classmates has definitely improved too. If I don’t know something or understand something I ask questions and talk it out to get a clearer idea what the person talking about. It especially helps its way through other classes. That I am trying to speak up more and not let things just pass by, it seems that the professor doesn’t assume things on another person’s mind. So I am trying to communicate more to classmates, and try to help them out, for things that I know how to do or knowledge that I have. It’s difficult but it’s a work-in-progress. More things just have to come natural to me then I won’t even think about all the struggles I posses.

Lastly, for reading issue, I’ve been working on that lately too. I actually find a lot of interesting articles and just short readings on the Web that I throughly read, and not have to think so much of how long it is. Again, reading I work on at a daily basis, like most people. Nothing comes easy, but I feel more motivated into reading even if I don’t like some of the material in the book, like all the dollar figures. Other than that, I find the Facebook effect, a good tool to learn about the insides of how it all came about. It’s good to learn about the background of something, before you begin to make a quick judgment about saying, “this site is pointless.” There is always a meaning and purpose behind something made.

So I am going to work on myself more and with this want to get going on looking into finding another job.


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