Monthly Archives: April 2013

Businessweek Article

How Vibration Could Power Our Wearables by, David Meyer In this article, it describes how power can be restored from practical to the experimental. For instance, Perpetuum’s Vibration Energy Harvester (VEH), “is a wireless sensor that attaches to rotating components, such as wheel bearings, on trains.” This is a device measures the temperature and […]

The New York Times Article

When Your Data Wanders to Places You’ve Never Been by, Natasha Singer This article seems to address the concerns about data being exposed to the wrong audience. It expressed problems in data being drained out to companies that collect information about the user and perceive the wrong impression about the user. For instance, this […]

Businessweek Article

  “The Good (and Scary) Possibilities of Monitoring Your Personal Space” by, Ashlee Vance This unique technological quantified-self gadget, Lapka, monitors your personal space surrounding the environment. It is more than a regular pedometer, that tracks the footsteps and stair climbs from each movement you make, but rather proceeds in a different, scientific direction. […]

Resume Critique Reflection

What I’ve learned from the resúmé critique exercise was to format each of my sections differently and include other areas that will stand out more, even if I don’t have much work experience. Receiving feedback from my group, helped me rethink my resume and how it should present itself. For instance, someone listed having objective, […]

My Reflection on: Building a sense of Confidence

I feel like from the goal that I wanted to set this semester, was kind of reached. Yes I was prepared at times, like for bringing my laptop in for class for group activities and bringing in extra copies of for instance my resume and draft papers or outlines. Even though the printer at school […]