The Facebook Effect -Terminology

1. Facebook as a technological innovation: breakthrough, resourceful, useful, popular, networking

This social network seems to be the most creative site to mankind. It seems to keep the connection going for each individual out there that owns a profile. It keeps collaboration going with it’s simple design and useful ways of communicating between friends, family, co-workers, and interesting people that you have never meant before. It created a new way of thinking, through dialogue over the Internet. It is a breakthrough, because it cross the lines from communicating from a phone, such as a corded or cordless phone, to cell-phone, to chatting on-line, to anyone at anytime. It just crossed the lines with technology. It is resourceful, because it allows people to navigate through each page instantaneously capturing their interests and provoking, a brand for oneself. Mark wanted content that was created by its users. When it first started off with Harvard and moved on from school to school and then city, to country, and practically expanding to the whole world it became extremely popular. The breakthrough hit when it was at the 1,000,000 mark. Popularity sparked because a huge diversity of people want to be on Facebook, looking at statuses, liking them, and being interactive with games. Networking allows users to network with each other over the web. In the book they set up the Harvard network, then went beyond that like Mark did, and establish a network between multiple users from other schools.

2. Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO and technologist: genius, ambition, courageous, determined, passive aggressive

Mark Zuckerberg is a very intelligent young man as he became CEO of the biggest social network site in the world. He is a technologist with the smarts that showcased in his fascinating programming capabilities and skills. He is characterized as a true leader and set unprecedented boundaries to capture a worldwide community through one single site. He is a very important man and the main person in his billion dollar company. He’s a genius in his field. He had the ambition to go forward and not let anything get in his way, for instance, the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, that was trying to get a law suit throughout the whole Facebook instance. Trying to make Mark guilty and blame him for “stealing” the recipe of Facebook; the coding and layout and so forth. However, Mark had a stance to not take any crap from anyone and stand-up for his guns. Which made him courageous. He didn’t become afraid, he was gutsy, he said what he wanted to say, because he knew he was right and everyone else was wrong. He was determined to set forth his ideas and was passive aggressive about his behavior.

3. Facebook’s Challenges: financial, confrontation, legality, technological, advertising

Facebook did run into financial issues down the road especially when it first started up. They had to keep on buying more servers, traffic wouldn’t crash, since an increasing amount of users would go on it and sign up an account. He borrowed money from his parents and his friend Eduardo Saverin helped him at with the marketing ways. Also, Sean Parker became the lead in the marketing for the Facebook to try and gain more money to have Facebook up and running. Mark told Sean that he didn’t want any ads on the site, because it would interfere. Seems like Sean had some marketing ways that brought in some money, by setting up local advertising like on campus and through Google. Through the new coming of Facebook and welcoming it into Marks team, there was a lot of confrontation throughout the way. Confrontating who was to do what job, and make use of themselves. Seeing what would work and not work and giving a percentage of legality that was appropriate. Even though, Eduardo was the marketing man, Sean seem to take away Eduardo credit in the company. And made him not part of the team no longer. He legality was taken away. But was able to gain it back at the end. Facebook seem to face many challenges, through who credit of each member and how everything slowly unfolded.

4. Facebook’s Successes: expansion, partnership, investment, wealthy, connections

After the 1,000,000 users hit the breakthrough, Facebook ultimately became successful. They expanded the company everywhere. Like I said through all school, exploded on the Internet, for anyone to sign up, from any country that has access to it. It expanded in size, making more staff work for them, controlling the network. They expanded over the Internet to other businesses, where it promotes marketing. It created a popular icon everywhere. Globally in places like Europe. It gained a partnership with many people and a lifelong commitment to working with the company. It created friendship too. Made many investments into keeping the company up and running and not allowing the network to crash. Even though the Mark was a college kid and so were his friends, they didn’t have all the money in the world. That’s why Mark waited the Schools out. He didn’t do it all at once, he waited awhile to get more money, buy another server and connect to another school, so things ran smoothly and stable. With all this, their success was through connections. Mark had connections with people, which allowed him to make Facebook happen. In essence, it made him a very wealthy person.


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