Building a sense of Confidence

An area I need building upon is probably being more organized/ prepared. The reason why I think I need to improve on this attribute is because I feel that I struggle to stay on the same page as other classmates. I think if I prepare myself to do the assignments before hand and not save everything to the end, then I don’t have to rush into finishing them. It also will allow me to look at everything more closely and correct the errors I have previously made. I believe if I create some type of organization skills, it will help me with other attributes throughout the semester, such as reading since I’m a terrible, slow reader. In addition, it will help me come up with ideas for the group and possibly help me better to communicate, since I will be ready to describe my ideas more thoroughly, than just say one worded sentences. I really couldn’t think of another area where I need to build upon. Therefore, I think with better preparation I can utilize this to express my communication skills more fluently and organized & also coming up with refined ideas that are not invalid, but approachable.


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